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​People for Oregon are moving inland away from forest fires, People are moving away from California because of earthquakes.
 Advertise to 10 million travelers on the Interstate next to me."

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"to invite millions of people moving away from California
 because of earthquakes. Advertise to 10 million travelers 
on the Interstate next to me."

$20 if you order before Feb 1, 2018

More about me:

My name is Paula. Growing up I went to the Calvary in Des Moines Iowa. 
My Dad was Preacher Paul. I have been going Church all of my life.
I wrote some e=books with a way to use as fund raisers. 
I went green $20 per fundraiser.
I make $10 and You Make $10 for the second one. 

 1) This is my Life story first 49 years. Of all the Miracles I have witnessed 
     and  a few sarrows that I also cannot explaine. I guarentee it will change   
     your life. It will touch your heart and might make you cry. 
 2) 365 of My Favorite Holy Bible Breads
    My collection of recipies 
 3) A Recipie For the Holy Ghost 

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OK Missouri SHOW ME what you got. 
Millions of people travel each year through Missouri. If Missouri could get just $1 from each person, Missouri could help out the homeless, the hungry with food pantries, children needing shoes & coats, Poor people, disabled people, elderly people, & our Veterans needing transportation. 

Please send me all your brochures, & pamphlets, Most of all needing to receive your Promotional Products. 

To: Paula Palmer
      621 Maple Lane Cabin 2
      Blythedale Missouri 64426   

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