Native American Loyal to America Lands Cowgirl Paula
​My name is Paula. I have a 911 Kindergartener. Even though, Joey wasn't in New York, he was still packed into the auditorium
and was made to watch this event for days @ Lamoni Elementary School, Lamoni, Iowa. Fact 2. He came home devastated. 
For weeks he wanted to go help. What fact that bothered him the most is, he watched preschoolers being pushed down the 
streets filled with smoke & being able to see pieces fall off the building still. He in August, he will be 21. Today he is
a volenteer fireman. Fact 3. It was the Cherokee language that helped win WWII. My Grandmother, (bless her heart) was
Native American, although not a Cherokee. I wish to prevent WWIII3. My Daddy was a Marine and I came from a long line of 
Military Men. I broke the mold. I was born a girl. :)smiles Fact 4: I have built several websites. I'm not a criminal but,
I understand computer programming, and how to hack. I completely understand the computer language in more ways that 1. I 
wish not to use my ability in the wrong ways. On my websites I can see who visits. What kind of device they are using. 
What programs they are using, right down to the country they are from and their IP address. I can even track their exact location.
The government uses a jelly bean program that tracts terrorist words. Most of their tracking is of people in high places for
instance, Politician & Government Officals. I will be using my eyes and brain & knowledge to track. I have 4 programs that 
I would like for you to register on. Your registrations will help me to keep America Safe. I have been keeping record for 13 years
now on my own.  
My Bronze Membership: I link you to $50 per year.
My Gold Membership: I link you to & fallow you on Facebook and twitter. $80
My Platinum Membership: I link you to I also make you a page on my unmeta tagged page a secret website 
that you will have a dashboard w/password & a private room w/password. That will have your most used 10 links. $300 per year. 
My Diamond Membership: All of the Above $800 Lifetime Membership.
I also have a webpage with advertising information incase you want to run ands on my websites for your local cities. 
I will be advertising to California's first since, 39 million people will be moving because of earthquakes.

Upon registration. I will contact you with an email, and then I will call you directly to give you the first password and at that
time you will choose your second password. Each month the first password will chance. And you will recieve in an email or by phone. 
I will be looking at 16,876 Police & Sherrif websites. I have Backed the Blue all my life. As a little girl I wished to grow up 
and become an MP. Please Back the Cowgirl by Joining me. The more who joins me the more research and time I can apply to 
Your Security and Our Families safeties. With Love Cowgirl Paula  

Make Payment to: http://PayPal.Me/PalmerCommunications

Please visit my tourist websites for tourist season 2017

For public advertising on above websites  free advertising if you
are a blue and have become a member.

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