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       My Name is Paula. I have been located near Interstate I35 Missouri/Iowa state line for 25 years. I managed 2 truck stops and worked in 3 restaurants  along here. 10 Million people run up and down this interstate. Most of these travelers are business people  going back and forth between New York and Texas. They travel back and forth to start businesses. Tourist & Travel season 2018. Travelers on I35 starts moving in April. I am inviting you to register your websites before April 5, 2018 for $100 lifetime membership I will review your website and I will find 20 of the most popular locations around you or $20 lifetime for just 1 registration. If you fallow my social sites you will find I am very well established on the internet, Today, I am ready to go nation wide. Check me out. I would be a proud Native American Indian to do business with you. Thank You Paula
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To: Paula Palmer
      621 Maple Lane Cabin 2
      Blythedale Missouri 64426   

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